Portfolio : Farmhouse

The new owners of this NH farmhouse were looking for an upgrade across the board. They wanted more space, more light, and a "new home" feel, while maintaining some of the classic elements and character of the original structure.

This remodel and addition was a total renovation. The existing space was completely gutted, and Tom used his engineering skills to eliminate load-bearing walls allowing for a different design with an open layout.

Two new wings were added, carefully matched to the existing structure, and large windows were placed on the south side for maximum light exposure.

Other features include: a kitchen with butterfly green granite countertops, African mahogany cabinets, and a central island with blue australe granite; a master bedroom with a ceiling raised above the level of the exposed beams, with lights mounted on top of the beams for indirect lighting; and a new garage containing a bar with built-in fridge and a countertop made from book matched planks salvaged from the original house.

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